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Rolls Royce Coupe spy

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Rumours have been circulating for quite a while, but now we’ve got proof: Rolls-Royce extends its model range even further! In what must be the busiest time in the history of the British brand its smallest model Ghost will get two more body styles: A coupé and a convertible. In our pictures you get a quick glimpse of the coupé which was caught by our photographer in the streets of Munich where BMW, Rolls-Royces owner, is based.

Despite the camouflage you can clearly see that the front end will, apart from some cosmetic changes on the front grill and front bumper, will mainly stay the same. The most radical changes are visible from the side! The roof has been lowered, the rear window and the boot will nearly form one single line which results in a very smooth side and rear view. Apart from the limousines and several four-door coupés the Ghost coupé will have only two doors. Look closely and you’ll see that the rear doors are just painted on the disguise and that the rear door handles are mock-ups as well. As another difference to the limousine the Coupé will feature “suicide-doors”, a classic Rolls-Royce-feature.

The interior will mainly stay the same like in the limousine and so will the engine. Expect the coupé to be introduced in fall 2013 with the convertible following half a year later. One of its last secrets will be its name: We expect it to simply be called Ghost Coupé but rumour has it that  also the classic name “Corniche” is a possibility.


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