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top tips for fuel-efficient driving

Top tips for fuel efficient driving

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1. Engine efficiency: get your car serviced regularly by a recognised garage to avoid a poorly tuned engine, which can use up to 50 per cent more fuel than a car that is well looked after

2. Tyre tread: at least every month, check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. If not, even with just one tyre deflated by 20 per cent, fuel consumption could rise by five per cent

3. Lose weight: for every one per cent of the car’s weight that you add, fuel consumption could rise by one per cent, so take out anything that you don’t need in the car (golf clubs, push chairs, tool boxes etc.)

4. Eliminate short journeys: cold engines are thirsty engines, so really short journeys will be relatively expensive.

5. Plan ahead: plan your journey to avoid road works, or getting lost, which causes an thousands of tonnes of fuel wastage each year

6. Slow down: most cars run at their most efficient at about 100km/h and for every 10km/h above that you drive, you will lose six per cent of your fuel economy. Slow down to save money

7. Air con: if not needed, switch the air con in your car off to reduce demand on the engine. However, ensure that it is on for several minutes at least every couple of weeks to prevent a build up of harmful bacteria in the system

8. Exploring for fuel: don’t go out of your way to make a saving, as you could spend more on getting to a cheaper dealer, so fill up when you are passing, rather than making a separate journey

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