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Agera One:1

Supercar’s V8 power output matches its weight

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Niche Swedish company Koenigsegg has unveiled a teaser photo of the supercar it calls Agera One:1, leading to speculation that it will be unveiled at next month’s Geneva motor show.

Christian Von Koenigsegg

Christian Von Koenigsegg

Why the handle One:1? Because it refers to the supercar’s power-to-weight ratio — 1 horsepower for every 1kg of weight. Chief executive Christian von Koenigsegg confirmed a much in a recent interview.

Output from the in-house 5.0-litre V8 engine is expected to be 1322bhp (1340hp) to match the kerbweight of 1340kg. In other words, every single one of its 1340hp (1000kW) will have only 1 kilogram of metal to move. In the metric world, that’s power output of 0.75kW for every kilogram.

If these figures prove to be correct, the Agera One:1 will become the world’s most powerful production car, taking the crown from the 1300bhp (970kW) SCC Ultimate Aero.

It would also appear Koenigsegg is gunning for the title of the world’s fastest production car – currently owned by the 1184bhp (883kW) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which set a 267.8mph (433km/h) record.

The Veyron SS weighs around 1890kg, therefore its power-to-weight ratio is 0.47kW for every kilogram, well down on the Agera One:1.

The teaser image (top) of the Agera One:1 reveals trademark Koenigsegg design cues will be carried over, such as the small LED framed rear lights and oversized central exhaust.

Most noticeable changes over other Koenigsegg models such as the Agera S and R, is the addition of a huge rear wing supported by two fins emerging from the roof.

How many will Koenigsegg build? Firstly, it was said that the use of the number one moniker meant it would be a one-off model. Then the name had nothing to do with it and five would be built. Now the Wall Street Journal says production will be limited to 100. Price? Around US$2 million.

Agera One:1

Agera One:1

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