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Solar cells in ute cover provide on-the-job power for tradies

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Canadian company Worksport has developed a folding tonneau cover for pick-up trucks that contains a cutting-edge solar charging and storage system.

The cover, called TerraVis, uses solar panels to pull in the sun’s energy and send it to removable batteries packaged in the truck’s bed.

It is capable of storing up to 1000W of useable energy, says the company, which can be funnelled through a 4kW AC inverter for use on job lots or campsites, for instance.

Worksport says the system can be made to fit North American pick-up trucks made from 2010 on. “This will electrify those truck beds,” it says. “We will also make a TerraVis model for each forthcoming EV (Rivian, Tesla) in the North American market, as well as GM and Ford trucks.”

The TerraVis system consists of four monocrystalline foldable solar panels tough enough to support the weight of a person. The panels feed a modular battery system mounted on the wall of the truck’s bed.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 4.52.23 pm

The batteries are about 2kWh each and the system can have up to four battery packs, plus the 1kWh battery that powers the portable charging pack and its AC inverter.

Once the 1kWh battery module is exhausted, you simply plug it back into the battery rack and in 20 minutes it’s fully charged, provided there’s enough energy in the on-board packs.

“This is a system that not only has the power to revolutionise truck use now, but also to carry over into future developments,” said Worksport CEO, Steven Rossi (see video on home page).

“Everyone is moving towards solar power and renewable energy sources and so is the pick-up truck market. Our system is being designed to, among other things, provide a meaningful source of energy for the new wave of electric trucks.”


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