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Off-road 911 Porsche expected to be unveiled later this year

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German company Gemballa has been customising and tuning performance cars for almost 40 years.

Its latest project is an off-road flyer based on the model 992 Porsche 911. It’s been dubbed the ‘Avalanche 4×4’, after the Avalanche 4.2RS the company unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2017.

Details are sketchy – like the images on this page – but the first Safari-type 4×4 is expected to go into limited production later this year.

It will come with the necessary off-road equipment, including all-wheel drive, long-travel suspension, special wheels and tyres, dual roof air scoops and side intake scoops, carbon-fibre bodywork, and a massive rear wing to aid downforce.

Powertrain? Gemballa isn’t saying, although the bi-turbo flat-six engines it’s developed have been good for around 600kW/1000Nm.


This car is somewhat reminiscent of the all-wheel-drive 959 Safari model (above) Porsche developed in the mid-1980s for the Paris-Dakar rally.

Porsche entered the rally in 1985 with three cars. One retired with oil problems and the other two crashed. But Porsche won the rally in 1986 with drivers Rene Metge and Dominique Lemoyne sharing duties in a 959 Safari.

The 959 Safari (Porsche built six only) served as a prototype for the 959 production car, produced between 1986 and 1993.

Gemballa is also looking to build its own hypercar, under the company’s new corporate strategy, where it is restructuring into three distinct divisions.

Steffen Korbach (right) CEO of Gemballa.

Steffen Korbach (right) CEO of Gemballa.

Said CEO Steffen KorbacH: “With the delimitation of the individual business areas and the management as a separate profit centre, we want to ensure a clearer corporate structure.

“This should especially also have a positive impact on current fundraising activities. All areas are currently being equipped with new investments and will be greatly expanded in the future.

“The focus remains on expanding our already high quality standards. We will be introducing numerous new models over the next 24 months and expanding our dealer network worldwide.”


The hypercar division (HD) will focus wholly on the creation of its first ever Gemballa Hypercar, the Luxury Customization Division (LCD) will continue to carry out customisation and tuning projects on customers’ own sports cars and the Gemballa Classics Division (CD)will be tasked with the job of maintaining and restoration of existing classic Gemballa cars.

Gemballa’s standout engine is the GTR 8XX Evo-R BiTurbo. The current pack already transforms the 911 into a monster, unlocking 610kW/1098Nm for a 0/100km/h time of 2.3 seconds and a top speed exceeding 370km/h.

There is talk in Europe that the engine in the Gemballa Hypercar will generate upwards of 1000kW.



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