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New Aston Martin coupe: will it be the DB10 or DB11?

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The camouflaged Aston Martin in the pictures on this page will replace the DB9 variants, that much generic cialis is certain. It sits on new architecture and has a Mercedes-AMG engine under the bonnet. But what it will be called is very much a waiting game.

Director Sam Mendes takes covers off the DB10

Director Sam Mendes takes covers off the DB10

Will it be the DB10 or DB11? The British marque has already used the DB10 moniker for the coupe to be used in the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre. It was unveiled at a special function in London late last year. Director Sam Mendes took the covers off it on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios. He and producer Barbara Broccoli said the DB10 was Spectre’s “first cast member.” The studio also used the DB10 to honour a 50-year partnership with the Bond films franchise, starting with Goldfinger and Sean Connery in the DB5 in 1964. But amid the hoopla surrounding Spectre and the DB10, Aston Martin let it be known that it had already trademarked the DB11 name. Spy-PhotoSpy-Photo Spy-PhotoSpy-Photo Is the DB10 handle just a film prop? Will Aston Martin jump from the DB9 to the DB11? It jumped two digits from the DB2 to the DB4 in the 1950s, although there was a DBMkIII in the same decade. Then came the DB5, DB6, DB7 before another two-digit jump to the DB9. Of course there were many variants along the way, names like Lagonda, Vantage, Virage, DBS.
Sir Peter Ustinov's 1962 DB4 soft-top

Sir Peter Ustinov’s 1954 DB4 soft-top

One thing already established is the new model kicks off Aston Martin’s collaboration with performance house Mercedes-AMG. A tell-tale sign that the camouflaged car buy generic cialis here is using an AMG twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 is what appears to be an intercooler above the KU15 JXP number viagra effect start plate. The V8 is pretty the same as that used in the AMG GT and Mercedes-AMG C63 sedan and coupe, although the C63 misses out on the GT’s dry sump. Spy agency Automedia says the boosted V8 in the Aston Martin has been tuned to deliver 373kW (500bhp), allowing it to sit below the 423kW (568bhp) generated by the naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 Ford engine. Aston Martin is expected to phase out the current flagship V12 Ford in 2018.
1937 Aston Martin 15:98 2.0-litre Long Chassis Tourer

1937 Aston Martin 15:98 2.0-litre Long Chassis Tourer

Meanwhile, classic Aston Martins are continuing to set new sales records. A 1962 DB4 Series IV Vantage soft-top once owned by British raconteur Sir Peter Ustinov fetched more than $NZ3.21 million at auction in the UK. It was topped by a 1966 DB5 Vantage convertible that was knocked down for $NZ3.24 million. Coming up for sale in the UK later this month is a 1937 Aston Martin 15/98 2.0-litre Long Chassis Tourer, a rare example of the company’s first four-seater and one of only 24 ever built. Back in 1937 it sold for the equivalent of $NZ1230. It is expected to fetch between $NZ340,000 and $NZ400,000. The picture below was taken by Alastair Sloane at the Aston Martin plant. The women at the upholstery shop are all eyes on the job. P1000862      

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