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Volvo SUV tops crash test findings, best of small cars is Honda Jazz

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The Volvo XC90 (above) has topped the European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) as the vehicle with the best overall crash-safety performance in 2015.

The big SUV scored 97 per cent for adult occupant protection, 87 per cent for child, 72 per cent for pedestrian, and 100 per cent for safety assist, the result of its long list of active safety features. Its average for all four categories was 89 per cent.

The next best finishers among the cars on sale in New Zealand were the new Jaguars XE and XF, averaging 84.25 and 84.75 per cent respectively. They, the Volvo XC90 and the Honda Jazz were the only three to average more than 80 per cent over each of the four tests. The Jazz result was deemed outstanding for a small car

The Mercedes-Benz GLC, a smaller SUV than the Volvo, scored 95 per cent for adult, 89 per cent for child, 82 per cent for pedestrian, and 71 per cent for safety assist, an average of 84.25 per cent, the same as the Jaguar XE.

Only five cars scored 80 or more per cent for safety assist technology, the electronic gizmos that can avoid accidents. They were the XC90 with a perfect score, the Jaguar XF (83 per cent), Jaguar XE (82 per cent), Toyota Avensis (81 per cent), and Honda Jazz (80.5 per cent).

The Adult Occupant Protection score is the result of full frontal impact, side impact and whiplash tests. Child Occupant Protection covers the child restraint systems in the front and side impact tests; the vehicle’s ability to fit child restraints of various sizes and designs; and the availability of provisions for safe transport of children.

Pedestrian Protection is determined from tests to the bonnet and windshield, the bonnet leading edge and the bumper. The Safety Assist score tests technologies that can avoid accidents and mitigate injuries.

Here are the NCAP test results of cars on the road in New Zealand. Reading left to right after the star rating and the vehicle, are the percentages for adult protection, child protection, pedestrian, and safety assist technologies.

Five NCAP stars

***** Volvo XC90 –  97-87-72-100

***** Jaguar EX – 92-82-81-82

***** Jaguar XF – 92-84-80-83

***** Honda Jazz – 93-85-73-71

***** Mercedes-Benz GLC – 95-89-82-71

***** Lexus RX – 91-82-79-77

***** Audi Q7 – 94-88-70-76

***** BMW X1 – 90-87-74-77

***** Kia Sportage – 90-83-66-71

***** Hyundai Tucson – 86-85-71-71

***** Audi A4 – 90-87-75-75

***** Kia Optima – 89-86-67-71

***** Skoda Superb – 86-86-71-76

***** Toyota Avensis – 93-85-78-81

***** Honda HR-V – 86-79-72-71

***** Renault Megane – 88-87-71-71

***** Suzuki Vitara – 89-85-76-75

Four NCAP stars

**** Audi TT – 81-68-82-64

**** Nissan Navara – 79-78-78-68

**** Mitsubishi L200 (Triton) – 81-84-76-64

**** Mazda MX-5 – 84-80-93-64

**** Mini Clubman – 90-68-68-67

**** Mazda 2 – 86-78-84-64

**** Mazda CX-3 – 85-79-84-64


The Australiasian New Car Assessment Programme, of which the New Zealand Government is a member,  gave the Mazda CX-3, Mazda 2, and Nissan Navara  five stars in tests last year.



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