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Citroen C3 Exclusive

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Car specification

Price: $28,990
Engine: 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol 88kW/160Nm
Transmission: Four-speed automatic
Fuel economy: 6.6 litres/100km
Emissions: 150gr/km (Euro5)
Equipment: Zenith windscreen, satellite-navigation, rearview camera
Safety: Five-star NCAP crash rating
Factory warranty: Three-year/100,000km



Rental car companies looking for a small car option with factory-built sat-nav for tourists should take a look at the facelifted Citroen C3 Exclusive. For starters, it has one of the airiest cabins in its class, thanks largely to side windows that fall lower than the bonnet line, and the vast “Zenith” windscreen. It uses a sliding headlining. In the forward position, the C3’s windscreen is just another windscreen. But sliding the headlining back opens up the windscreen into a panoramic glass roof.  It stretches so far into the roofline that the sun visors have to be mounted on a slide to allow them to reach forward far enough. The result is an exceptionally bright cabin.  It is also one of the roomiest in class, too, helped by some clever packaging and the car’s tall stance, which aids headroom front and rear. Boot space, for instance, at 300 litres, is better than most rivals. The dashboard design, dials and switchgear also compete with the best, the steering wheel can be adjusted every which way, as can the driver’s seat. But the seats themselves could offer more support. On the road the C3 offers acceptable noise levels, a supple ride, and predictable handling. The relationship between the free-revving engine and the dated four-speed auto ‘box is at its best under a light throttle. Jump on it and engine yells out for an extra gear or two that the gearbox can’t provide. A fifth gear would help refinement and economy.

Good features
The airy cabin and clever Zenith ‘screen.

Not so good
Dated four-speed automatic gearbox.

Rating 7/10
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